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The ⌈ΟΧ Orthodox Hermitage of Archangel Michael, “New Kloštar was founded on June 19 o.s., by a Stavrophore-monk of one of the  American jurisdictions in the True Orthodox Christian Church (USA). Upon completion of 15 years this monk became a suburban hermit in the City of Syracuse.  He was given the name of the Benedictine anchorite St Simeon of Syracuse in Sicily (+1035).

Father Symeon (Davidsen Kilmer), Er.Rom., BPS, CPCS was born in Auburn, New York [1957]; educated and trained in Community Alternative Dispute Resolution & Family Mediation [1993], Existential & Gestalt Therapy, Addictions Counseling [1992 – 1996] and Orthodox Pastoral Counseling & Care [1998]; tonsured stavrophoremonk and founded Novi Kloštar [1999] then ordained to the Holy Priesthood [2000].

celija-logomasteSmallThe Novi Kloštar Svet Ćelija

             (Holy Cell or Hermitage).

A True Orthodox Christian monastic house under the the monastic typikon of St. Benedict & St. Romuald; founded on the dual Feast of St Romuald the Hesychast & St. John Maximovitch of San Francisco on 19th of June in the year 1999 according to the traditional Church Calendar.  This Hermitage and its accompanying Monastic Brotherhood dedicated to the Western Orthodox Hesychast St. Romuald of Ravenna had been conceived according to the ideal of St Romuald, that being, a disciplined and well ordered communal (cenobitic) monastery with a Hermitage (eremitic) –similar to a Skete in someplaces– while being attached to & located in proximity with the monastery; both together as one community with two separate lifestyles.  This Romualdian ideal has yet to be realized due to the lack of funding and real estate (property) on which the monastery/hermitage would be present.  We continue to pray and await for the benefactors required to help us obtain land and buildings for this holy purpose.  In meantime the founder lives in rented flat with the Oratory of Our Lord “Agios Hesycha” in what is typically the living-room.  The main website for  New Kloštar is located at http://stmichaelhermitage.org/