A Priest’s Thoughts…

A Priest’s Thoughts on Depression, Anxiety, the Soul, Your Body and Your Brain

March 21, 2019 Length: 23:10

Fr. Stephen Freeman speaks from his own experience about depression, anxiety and a forty-year battle with panic attacks. He sets these within the wisdom of the tradition and offers a way of understanding as well as some helpful ways of moving forward.

Theology of Failure

The Theology of Failure. Western civilization has grown weary and critical towards failure.  More often the person who fails in a task, a job, a vocation, or career is looked down upon as ‘less than’. We want to look here specifically as being ‘less than’.  Not only does society look down on one who has failed; the very person who himself has experienced failure is self-condemning.  In this Ancient Faith Radio 4-part talk by Father John Oliver, we shall examine the “Virtue of Failure” in how God uses it and how  we benefit from failure; how we learn and grow from failure.