How to Keep Feelings under Control

What Jealousy Leads to? MP Metropolitan Anthony Speaks on How to Keep Feelings under Control

The sin, which entered our lives, has perverted the best characteristics of a human soul. For example, jealousy, which, according to the Creator’s plan,was supposed to be a stimulating force on the path to God, now does not help people, but even corrodes them.

Jealousy is simply unnatural to common sense. Every person is born free, but intense jealousy kills both the freedom of others and our own.

Thus, we distort God’s plan for each of us. These distortions block the life-giving spring of grace, joy, and peace to us primarily.

A jealous person loses peace. They are constantly nervous, anxious, and lose the main thing, which is trust. Trust inpeople and God. Yes, as a result others stop trusting them as well, seeing their constant anxiety.

Suspicion creeps into one’s heart, and one becomes unable to love, make friends, and believe. They always suspect everyone. They stop feeling joy. Doubts and evil thoughts take possession of them completely.

Jealousy is the mother of anger. It breeds bitterness and rage. If one does not control it and does not fight it, it burns one’s heart and mind, driving one insane. Unfortunately, jealousy often leads to insanity. In a state of blind rage, such people can do the most terrible and irreparable deeds.

It is essential for a person to identify this characteristic in time and to ask the merciful God for help to overcome it. A person cannot do it on their own. Too quickly jealousy takes deep roots and takes control of people, breaking their will.

Jealousy is a sign of weakness. However, true bravery and courage are based on humility and meekness. Therefore, the Church calls her children to acquire humility. When a person is truly humble before God, they are given real fortitude and courage.

With the help of humility one can defeat any disease, any passion, including jealousy. Jealousy is weakness and humility is strength.

Humility is one’s victory over oneself. It is an ability to open one’s heart to God, so that He may reign in it, blessing and changing one’s life with His grace. Even if God allows trials, they will be for our benefit, because by humbly overcoming them we thus express our hope for God and His all-powerful help”.

Translated by Julia Frolova
For Orthodox Life (Russian)