Pastoral Counselling of the Sick

by Alexandru Mălureanu


In this article with the title: “Pastoral Counselling of the sick” (The author) will present the meaning of Pastoral counselling, a unique form of
counselling which uses spiritual and psychological resources for healing the persons who are in existential crisis. Pastoral counselling is necessary for finding possible solutions in order to acquire the balance of life, in relation with God, with other people and with the social environment.

(The author’s) interest was to find out what the Romanian Orthodox Church could learn from the other Churches in Lausanne (Switzerland), who have already worked out a detailed Pastoral counselling program for the sick in order to offer religious assistance to the people. Therefore he analysed the services of the Ecumenical Chaplaincy of CHUV for the spiritual care of the patients and compared this with the services of the chaplains for the Pastoral counselling of the sick in the Religious Assistance Service of the hospitals in the Romanian Orthodox Church.

The main conclusion is that also in the Romanian Orthodox Church it might be important to develop ecumenical cooperation between confessions recognized by the Romanian Government. This could provide some unique opportunities for sharing and exchanging experiences and for mutual learning in the Pastoral counselling of the sick.

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