Theology and the Limitations of Psychology

By Fr. Symeon Sean Kee

Theories of secular psychology cannot be effectively grafted onto the inexhaustible Mystery of the Orthodox Church.   The social sciences, including psychology, like the hard sciences, are by nature always open to change.  No scientific theory based on human ideas about the created universe should be dogmatized, but all theories, models, and views may be challenged, changed, or discarded in light of new evidence.  Revealed divine theology, which remains constant and abides in fullness within the Church, can never be tied to or integrated with humanly-made scientific theories or philosophies that progress and change over time.  Secular psychology has nothing to teach the Church, which is the “pillar and ground of truth” and fountain of healing.  Orthodox mental health professionals may, however, find helpful techniques developed within secular psychology based on observation of human behavior that could prove useful when firmly planted in the phronema (mind) and life of the Orthodox Church, the healing context of the Orthodox Way.   HERE for the entire article.