“The Cure of the Neurobiological Sickness of Religion.”

 We recommend reading the article, “The Cure of the Neurobiological Sickness of Religion.” found here before viewing this video.

An in-depth round-table discussion about the theological essay titled, “The Cure of

Fr. John Romanides

the author Fr. John Romanides

the Neurobiological Sickness of Religion.”. Although we acknowledge the Orthodoxy of this excellent essay and other of his great contributions we do not endorse the author John Romanides – a clergyman who officially represented Ecumenist jurisdictions at the syncretistic World Council of Churches, and even signed the infamous “Chambésy Statement”. He authored articles openly calling ‘Orthodox’ those whom the Church has anathematized as heretics. We reject any un-Orthodox actions and statements of his, and while a certain essay of his is examined in this program, we do not endorse all his writings, ideals, or actions into.